light meal

i went through my previous tracks and remastered them for a more polished/cohesive sound.


enigma variation

crystal shaper (ACHORD remix)

mayflower (ACHORD remix)

achord – logo update

a nice refresh of the logo for my music. the original logo was created back in 2005.



crimson wine group – all brand drop out bottles

drop out bottles from various crimson brands totalling 50 bottles and counting.


langetwins – appellation map

work in progress map showing some of the regions langetwins grows grapes in.


beaulieu vineyard – give & give back may

imagery for bv’s give & give back may program. general touchup was applied and cropping required more greenery to the right.

before and after


beaulieu vineyard – give & give back march

imagery for bv’s give & give back march program. the client wanted to even out the background and make the barrel’s a more rich wood feeling.

before and after