langetwins – centennial zinfandel beauty shot

general touchup and color correction of a beauty shot.

before and after

CinZo PhotographyCinZo Photography

occasio winery – 3rd anniversary mark

occasio winery had its 3rd anniversary in september of 2012 and wanted something special to mark the occasion.


bv coastal estates – holiday beauty shot

the client wanted to remove the gift tag covering the bottle and even out the appearance of the label.

before and after


beaulieu vineyard – bottle addition

the client wanted a bv coastal estates bottle added to their original beauty shot.

before and after

from vendor XYZ Graphicsfrom vendor XYZ Graphics

rosenblum cellars – bottle subtraction

the client wanted to remove a bottle from their original beauty shot.

before and after


mattel – global licensing logo

logo design combining the message of ideas going international and the playful nature of mattel.

fox – blooming berry garden title treatment

designed to be a bit chaotic and go along with the natural and gardening themes of the feature.

fox – mr. popper’s penguins

activity page for the movie. cut out all the pieces and fold them to create a cute winter scene.

premier fundraising services – the bakeshop collection

redesign for premier’s frozen desserts catalog. the client wanted a fresh, vibrant look, and to steer away from the brown palette of previous years.

fox – berry brick road title treatment

designed to emulate of the wizard of oz, which is the basis for the feature’s plot.