natural premier

logo for a health supplement company.

pma – pumpkin contest

template for my entry into pma’s annual pumpkin carving contest.


lounging about our roses one day.

crystal shaper (ACHORD remix)

my first remix for the compilation album. original track here: crystal shaper

premier fundraising services – version 3

the new look and feel of the rebranded premier.


enigma variation

my contribution to a remix album: it will be one original track from three separate artists, and our individual remixes of the originals, totaling nine tracks.

jennifer pham – makeup artist

logo for a friend’s freelance makeup styling company.

uc berkeley – health organization logos

i had a lot of fun with this project, as you may be able to tell by volume of sketches below.


first track for my work in progress album: aural edit

premier fundraising services – logo

the new look for premier, along with website and business cards.