warm wishes

cover for premier fundraising’s winter 2007 brochure.

straight out

ink drawing of a couple youth’s idea of play.

premier fundraising services – version 1b

my first opportunity to redesign the look and flow of the website from the previous style.

launch pfundraising.com


what do little girls dream of?

plaid – bo bootch

music video for the song bo bootch by plaid. you know how when you look at a star, you’re seeing light that has traveled years and year to get to your eyes? in that sense, isn’t that like you’re looking into the past? what if the past could look back at you?

conquest over hatred

suggested cover design for the biography of donnie williams. this was a group project.


showing the way for souls trapped in the darkness.

marked for death

real life fern gully. even to this day the tree is still there, though.


my escapism coming to the surface.


who is being watched?