fox – blooming berry garden title treatment

designed to be a bit chaotic and go along with the natural and gardening themes of the feature.

fox – mr. popper’s penguins

activity page for the movie. cut out all the pieces and fold them to create a cute winter scene.

premier fundraising services – the bakeshop collection

redesign for premier’s frozen desserts catalog. the client wanted a fresh, vibrant look, and to steer away from the brown palette of previous years.

fox – berry brick road title treatment

designed to emulate of the wizard of oz, which is the basis for the feature’s plot.

mattel – code of conduct booklet translations

covers of three of the translated booklets. the project started with english as the template, then word documents were provided to go in and replace all the text.

broadcom erp dollar

handed out at broadcom family day 2008 promoting broadcom’s referral program, which gived cash bonuses for referring a successful employee.

broadcom singapore ad

featured in an engineering trade magazine telling the story of broadcom’s successful practices.

dream doors

cover design for a workbook on dream psychology and how the mysterious symbols in our dreams are trying to enhance our lives.

water conservation

poster for broadcom’s san diego campus, promoting running the new purified water system rather than using bottled water.

achord – aural edit

cover for work in progress album: aural edit. based on the idea that our instincts and genetic material contain memories of sound.